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Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Israel

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In the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles (EVs), one essential component stands out – the electric vehicle charger. Israel, known for its innovation and tech prowess, has not lagged in this department. With a burgeoning EV market, the demand for efficient, reliable charging infrastructure is on the rise. In this article, we’ll explore the top six EV charger manufacturers in Israel, each contributing significantly to the country’s EV revolution.

Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Israel

Here are the Israel’s Top 6 EV Charging Companies And manufacturers

1.Tesla Superchargers: Leading the Way

Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Israel
  • Brand:Tesla
  • Website:
  • Address : US
  • Certificates: TUV, CE, Rosh, CB, UL certification
  • Company Introduction: When it comes to electric vehicles, Tesla needs no introduction. The company’s Supercharger network spans across Israel, offering Tesla owners lightning-fast charging options. These Superchargers are strategically located along major highways and urban areas, ensuring Tesla drivers can travel with ease.

2.DBT-CEV: A Global EV Charging Solution

Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Israel
  • Brand: DBT-CEV
  • Website:
  • Certificates:EN, ISO, CE, UL,IEC, SAE 
  • Main markets:Western Europe(40%), North America(20%), Southeast Asia(10%)
  • Company Introduction: DBT-CEV is a global player in the EV charging industry, and they have a significant presence in Israel. Their charging stations are known for their reliability and efficiency, making them a preferred choice for EV users. DBT-CEV’s commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with Israel’s eco-conscious population.

3.Pod Point: Innovating for a Sustainable Future

pod point
  • Brand:Pod Point
  • Website:
  • Certificates :EN, ISO, CE, UL,IEC, SAE 
  • Company Introduction:Pod Point is another noteworthy player in Israel’s EV charging landscape. They are at the forefront of innovation, constantly developing cutting-edge charging solutions. Their focus on sustainability and user-friendly charging experiences has earned them a loyal customer base.

4.Chakratec: Pioneering Kinetic Energy Storage

  • Brand:Chakratec
  • Certificates:UL, SAA, CB, CE, TUV, UKCA, ISO, and RoHS.
  • Company Introduction :Chakratec takes a unique approach to EV charging by harnessing kinetic energy storage. Their innovative technology ensures fast charging without straining the grid. It’s a game-changer in a world where grid capacity can be a limitation.

5.Driivz: Intelligent EV Charging Management

Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Israel
  • Brand:Driivz
  • Website:
  • Introduction:Driivz specializes in intelligent EV charging management solutions. They provide software that optimizes charging stations, ensuring efficient energy use and a seamless experience for EV owners. Driivz’s technology is a driving force behind Israel’s smart charging infrastructure.

6.Green Charger: Promoting Green Energy Solutions

Top 6 EV Charger Manufacturers in Israel
  • Brand: Green Charger
  • Website:
  • Certificates : CE(TUV),TUV-Mark,UKCA,UL,REACH,RoHS,CCC(China),HDMI ATC license, ISO9001:2015,FCC
  • Company Introduction : Green Charger is committed to promoting green energy solutions for EVs. They offer eco-friendly charging options, including solar-powered stations, aligning perfectly with Israel’s sustainable goals. Choosing Green Charger means choosing a greener future.


As the EV market continues to grow, Israel’s EV charger manufacturers are stepping up to the plate. With innovation, sustainability, and user-friendliness at the core of their operations, the future of EV charging in Israel is undoubtedly bright.

FAQs: Your EV Charging Queries Answered

1. Are there enough charging stations in Israel for EV owners?

Yes, Israel boasts an extensive network of charging stations, making it convenient for EV owners to charge their vehicles nationwide.

2. How fast are Tesla Superchargers in Israel?

Tesla Superchargers in Israel offer lightning-fast charging options, allowing Tesla drivers to recharge quickly.

3. Do these manufacturers offer home charging solutions?

Yes, many of these manufacturers offer home charging solutions to cater to the needs of residential EV owners.

4. Is sustainable energy a priority in Israel's EV charging infrastructure?

Absolutely, sustainability is a top priority, with companies like Green Charger offering eco-friendly charging options.

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