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2024 Best 10 EV Charger Manufacturers in China

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Top 10 China EV Charger Manufacturers

China is a global leader in the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. With booming EV sales and a government push for sustainable transportation, the country is witnessing a parallel surge in EV charging infrastructure. This robust infrastructure relies on a network of innovative EV charger manufacturers.

Why Choose a Chinese EV Charger Manufacturer?

China’s EV charger manufacturers offer several compelling advantages:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Chinese manufacturers are known for their competitive pricing, making them an attractive option for businesses and individuals looking for budget-friendly charging solutions.
  • Innovation: China is a hotbed of EV technology innovation. Many Chinese manufacturers are at the forefront of developing next-generation charging solutions, like ultra-fast chargers and wireless charging systems.
  • Access to Cutting-edge Technology: Chinese manufacturers often have early access to the latest charging technologies and materials, ensuring their products are efficient and future-proof.

Top 10 China EV Charger Manufacturers List

The Chinese EV charger market boasts a diverse range of manufacturers, each with its own strengths and specializations. Here’s a closer look at 10 prominent players:

1.BYD (Build Your Dreams):

A household name in the EV industry, BYD is a one-stop shop for EV charging solutions. They offer a comprehensive range of AC chargers for home and workplace charging, DC fast chargers for public stations, and even wireless charging technologies.

BYD chargers cater to various power levels, from 3.3 kW for slow home charging to high-powered 350 kW DC fast chargers that can significantly reduce charging times. Their chargers are also equipped with smart features like real-time monitoring, allowing users to track charging progress remotely.

Here’s a table summarizing BYD’s EV charger offerings:

Charger TypePower OutputTypical Use Case
AC Wallbox3.3 kW – 22 kWHome & Workplace Charging
DC Fast Charger50 kW – 350 kWPublic Charging Stations
Wireless ChargerUp to 10 kWHome & Workplace Charging (limited availability)


XPENG, a prominent Chinese EV manufacturer, has carved its niche in the charging sector as well. Unlike BYD’s universal approach, XPENG develops proprietary charging technology specifically designed for their EVs. This ensures optimal performance and charging efficiency for XPENG vehicles. However, compatibility with other EV models might be limited.

XPENG’s Supercharger network boasts high-powered DC chargers capable of delivering ultra-fast charging speeds. They are also developing wireless charging solutions for added convenience.

3.Autel Energy:

Autel Energy isn’t just about chargers; they provide a holistic EV charging ecosystem. Their expertise spans hardware, software, and battery systems. Autel offers a comprehensive product line that includes:

  • EV Chargers: AC and DC chargers for various applications, from home to public charging stations.
  • Management Software: Cloud-based software for managing charging networks, monitoring charger performance, and optimizing energy usage.
  • Detection Systems: Advanced systems for real-time fault detection and ensuring safe and reliable charging operations.

Autel’s focus on a complete charging ecosystem makes them a valuable partner for businesses and organizations looking to build robust and future-proof EV charging infrastructure.

4.Star Charge:

Backed by the State Grid Corporation of China, Star Charge is a major force in the national charging network development. Their focus lies on reliability, widespread accessibility, and seamless integration with the existing grid infrastructure. Star Charge offers a variety of charger types, including AC chargers for homes and workplaces, and DC fast chargers for public stations. They prioritize ensuring their chargers are readily available across the country, making EV charging convenient for users.

5.TGOOD Electric:

Catering specifically to the public charging infrastructure needs, TGOOD Electric specializes in DC fast chargers. Their high-power chargers, ranging from 50 kW to 300 kW, are ideal for highway rest stops and commercial charging stations. TGOOD prioritizes fast charging times, enabling users to get back on the road quickly during long journeys.


Focusing on user experience and convenience, SUNWAY manufactures intelligent charging solutions. Their AC and DC chargers are often equipped with smart features like:

  • Remote Monitoring: Track charging progress and charger status remotely through a smartphone app.
  • App Control: Start, stop, and schedule charging sessions conveniently from your phone.
  • Real-time Data Access: View real-time data on energy consumption, charging speed, and remaining charging time.

SUNWAY’s user-friendly chargers make the EV charging experience effortless and informative for users.


Innovation is at the heart of GRINERGY’s approach. This manufacturer actively explores next-generation charging technologies, pushing the boundaries of speed and efficiency. GRINERGY is a frontrunner in developing ultra-fast charging solutions that can significantly reduce charging times compared to traditional DC fast chargers. They are also exploring wireless charging technologies for added convenience.

8.EVBox China:

EVBox China, a subsidiary of the Dutch company EVBox, leverages global expertise to cater to the specific needs of the Chinese market. They offer a variety of AC and DC chargers known for their sleek design and user-friendly interface. EVBox prioritizes aesthetics and ease of use, making their chargers a perfect fit for modern workplaces and public charging stations.


Offering a well-rounded selection of charging solutions, Nengyi caters to both AC and DC charging needs. Their product line includes:

  • AC Wallbox Chargers: Ideal for home and workplace charging, with power outputs ranging from 3.3 kW to 22 kW.
  • DC Fast Chargers: Available in various power levels (50 kW – 160 kW) to suit different public charging station requirements.

Nengyi chargers are known for their durability and reliability, making them suitable for long-term use in various environments. They prioritize providing dependable charging solutions for both residential and commercial applications.


Specializing in DC fast chargers, CHADEM focuses on ensuring compatibility across various charging standards. Their chargers can seamlessly integrate into existing charging networks, eliminating concerns about compatibility issues. CHADEM chargers are known for their efficient operation and ability to deliver fast and reliable charging for a wide range of EVs.


China’s EV charger manufacturing industry is a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem. The manufacturers listed above represent just a fraction of the innovative companies driving the development of this crucial technology. As the EV market continues its rapid growth, we can expect even more advancements in charging technology, efficiency, and user experience.

Choosing the Right Chinese EV Charger Manufacturer

With a diverse range of manufacturers to choose from, selecting the right one for your needs requires careful consideration. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Compatibility: Ensure the charger is compatible with your specific EV model and charging standard (e.g., CCS, CHAdeMO).
  • Power Output: Consider your charging needs. AC chargers are suitable for slower home or workplace charging, while DC fast chargers are ideal for public stations where quicker turnaround times are essential.
  • Available Features: Look for features that enhance convenience and user experience, such as smart monitoring, app control, and real-time data access.
  • Manufacturer Reputation: Research the manufacturer’s reputation for quality, reliability, and customer service. Look for companies with a proven track record and positive user reviews.
  • Warranty Coverage: Choose a manufacturer that offers a comprehensive warranty on their chargers to ensure peace of mind.

The Future of EV Charging in China

China’s commitment to a sustainable future is evident in its ambitious plans for EV charging infrastructure development. The government is actively promoting policies and initiatives to accelerate the build-out of charging stations across the country. This includes:

  • Financial incentives: Subsidies and tax breaks are offered to encourage businesses and individuals to invest in EV charging infrastructure.
  • Standardization initiatives: The government is working to establish clear and unified charging standards to ensure seamless compatibility between EVs and chargers from different manufacturers.
  • Grid modernization: Investments are being made to upgrade the national grid to handle the increased electricity demand from a growing number of EVs.

These efforts, coupled with the continuous innovation from Chinese EV charger manufacturers, are paving the way for a robust and efficient EV charging ecosystem in China. Here are some potential growth trends to watch for:

  • Ultra-fast charging: Technologies capable of delivering even faster charging times are being actively explored. This could significantly reduce charging times and address range anxiety, a major concern for some EV users.
  • Wireless charging: Wireless charging systems that eliminate the need for cables are gaining traction. This could offer a more convenient and user-friendly charging experience for EV owners.
  • Smart charging: Advancements in smart charging technology will enable intelligent load balancing and optimize energy usage within the grid. This will ensure efficient and sustainable charging practices.


China’s dominance in the EV charger manufacturing space is undeniable. By offering a compelling combination of cost-effectiveness, innovation, and access to cutting-edge technology, Chinese manufacturers are well-positioned to play a critical role in the global transition towards electric mobility. As the EV market continues to evolve, we can expect Chinese manufacturers to remain at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of charging technology and shaping the future of sustainable transportation.

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