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Australia EV Charging Station Infrastructure Guide

Electric vehicles have become more popular, the need for charging stations increased. There are now many EV charging stations in Australia, and this number is growing all the time. We will discuss the current state of EV charging stations in Australia and how this infrastructure is likely to grow in the future.

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How many EV charging stations are there in Australia in 2021?

How many EV charging stations are there in Australia in 2021
  • It will be especially important as more and more people make the switch to electric vehicles.
  • With the increasing popularity of EVs, there must be enough charging stations available to meet the needs of drivers.
  • There are currently about 4000 public charges installed across the country, and this number is expected to grow significantly in 2022. essential

Are there enough charging stations in Australia?

  • No, Electric cars are becoming more popular in Australia, but there are not enough charging stations. 
  • There are about 4,000 charging stations across the country, but experts say we need at least 10 times to support the growing number of electric vehicles on our roads.
  • While the government has pledged to invest in more EV charging stations, building this infrastructure will take some time.
  • EV owners need to plan their journeys carefully and know where the nearest charging station is.

How much charge an electric car in Australia?

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, with more and more people choosing them as their mode of transport. 

  • The cost

In Australia, it can cost anywhere from $0.50 – $0.70 per kWh to charge an electric vehicle (EV). It equates to around $13.8 – $25.5 to fully charge a small electric vehicle or about $25.50 – $48 to charge a larger long-distance electric vehicle fully.

  • Install a home charging station

Charging your EV can be expensive, but there are ways to reduce the cost. For example, many councils offer subsidies for installing home charging stations, so contact your local council to see if you’re eligible.

  • Public EV charging stations

There are also a growing number of public EV charging stations in Australia, so you should stay close never be too far from a charging point.

  • Find the nearest EV charging station using the app

To find the nearest EV charging station, head to PlugShare or Zap-Map and enter your location. You can also use these websites to see how much it will cost to charge your electric car at each station.

Does Australia have Ev Incentives?

Australia has some incentives to promote electric vehicle (EVs) uptake.

  • The Federal Government provides a $2000 rebate to purchase a new electric car, and some states and territories offer additional incentives, such as waived registration fees and parking charges.
  • Many private companies are installing EV charging infrastructure throughout Australia. For example, there are now over 1400 ChargePoint charging stations around the country.
  • This growing infrastructure is helping to make electric vehicles more accessible and appealing to consumers. As more people switch to EVs, the benefits for the environment and our energy supplies will continue to grow.


  • Because Electric vehicles are becoming more popular for Australian drivers, the country is starting to see a growing infrastructure of EV charging stations.
  • In this article, we’ve outlined the current state of EV charging in Australia and looked at some of the incentives that are in place to promote their uptake.
  • We hope this information will be helpful for anyone who is looking to buy or lease an electric vehicle in Australia. If you have any issues with EV charging stations or purchasing an electric car, please get in touch with us – we would be happy to help!

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